Monday, 18 November 2013

Full Real WarThunder

I got two fly outs in Full Real Battles.... and I made two air kills, survived one mission, and was shot down by an Me410 in the latter... So I'm at a 2:1 kill to death ratio... yay me. lol.

The controls are still not fab, big problems with the trim controls at the moment, and I'm also finding the rudder control on the X45 to be a bit of a pain...

The biggest obstacle to getting into Full Real Battles by the way was not actually the controls in the end, once I watched Kreb's video setting up his controls and later PhlyDailys I got it sorted.

No the big obstacle was the actual take-off and landing tutorial, which kept pausing and then starting up again with pressing keys, but by the time you pressed the key one already had to have applied rudder etc, but you hadn't because you'd been paused... and boom crashy crashy.... I fudged it in the end by accelerating to 100% throttle on the brakes, pressing to by pass all those messages up to the rudder... and then fast pressing the rudder before slowing down, taxi'ing back to the start point on the runway and doing the take off without being interrupted in one whole run.

So, Gaijin, your Take Off and Landing Tutorial is utterly shit!

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