Sunday, 17 November 2013

Full Real War Thunder

Please note, this was drafted and scheduled BEFORE the post of the 14th about my Full Real Control headaches... I might be buying a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro soon....

A while back I posted about going into War Thunder with my Track IR and trying Full Real Battles.

Well, that itch is back, but since the move I've been sorting things out and I've found the Track IR and the Flight stick... So the time is now.

I'm going to go through a short series of Full Real flights, I originally flew full real settings in IL2 Forgotten Battles, where my favourite plane was the 109 F-4, but the 109 has terrifying torque problems at take off and landing.

So, I may go with a twin engine aircraft to get used to things and then build up.

I have however been looking at Full Real Battle recordings from PhlyDaily and Kraut...

I think before I go into an actual battle I need to do a lot of take off and landing practice, circuits, touch and go landings and then go into battle.  I plan this to take the form of at least 2-3 hours getting used to the controls, then at least 10 take off and landing cycles in an aircraft, then some practice using the flight stick and Track IR in historical battles and finally going into a full real battle.

I am also wondering whether it might be time to up my graphics card from the single 4xx series to a 6xx or a dual 6xx series...?

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