Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Blogger View Counts at Zero?

I noticed this on the 19th, all the view counts listed in the posts page of my blog show as zero.

My stats page shows hundreds, if not thousands of views, and other demographics, but the original old, working, view count per post is currently zero on every single post, even posts I know have multiple views...

I have no idea why, but the latest 100 posts on my blog all now have zero views… they had hundreds… now zero… and then the second 100 posts have stats as normal… then the third 100 are missing stats…. And then the remaining 187 all have stats…

100 without… 100 with… 100 without… 187 with….

And its not my viewing them in lots of 100, because if I switch to lots of 25, I get 4 pages… 4 x 25 being 100… all without stats… then 4 x 25 with stats… and 4 x 25 without again… the pattern is consistent, but these are posts which I know have been viewed, I can see comments on them, and people going to them on the other stats pages….

Something really odd is going on somewhere, and it's on their side.


Addendum: Whilst writing this post, the stats have all returned to normal... something was going on.. something odd.

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