Saturday, 19 October 2013


Did I seal cub club?... No.  Let me explain I set about recently fleshing out all the tree's which have changed in my World of Tanks garage since I started playing.  But with only a single garage slot - and no cash to buy any more - I'm having to be conservative about which tanks I own and then unlock.

So, I started with just the Cruiser Mk II, a British light tank which I was able to skip through to jump into the Valentine.  Now, I want to go back to the Val at some point, but I was also watching Jingles videos where he was talking about HEAT rounds.  The first tank I could see where I could use a HEAT round was this baby, with its Howitzer.

And you will find comments from other players about getting one shotted by this gun, and when you do hit and kill its glorious.  But more often than not you don't hit because... well, the aiming time is horrendous - and only exacerbated by having a 50% crew - this is only a test tank to get elite and quit for me.

Anyway, I loaded heat and set off onto the battlefield.... Initially, playing very slowly, very much from the back, I could compete... and I even cleaned up a few games to get big scores.

But, there are two maps which really don't lend themselves to this tank... Himmelsdorf.

Turning and then coming around corners to snap shot, simply can't be done easily, and you find with 18+ seconds reload you're picking your shots and then getting screwed over.

I've been point blank with a T28 right in my sights, 5 meters.... whole enemy tank filling the reticule... fire... MISS....

The arch of the projectile is also very off putting, and then the speed of the projectile, its so so slow.

So, its totally miss with this attempt at playing clever.  Switching up to the Pom Pom gun has not helped, this tank is so slow it can't compete when there's PzII's & III's zipping around you.  Not to mention the plethora of Ruskies running circles around you.

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