Friday, 4 October 2013

Funny Old Week

This week I've pretty much sworn off World of Tanks, and been enjoying mixed results in War Thunder.  I say mixed because I updated to 1.35 and started playing with good results over last weekend, the weekend crowd seemed to contain just enough noobs and vets to balance things out.

But as the week progressed there seemed to be only the hardcore element playing, so there was the 1 shot 1 kill cannon brigade, souring through the clouds in their P-39's, and then the undestroyable A20's, despite my filling them with all the lead from a Beaufighter MkXX (so 4x mg and 4x20mm cannon).

Then the Yak9T UFO pilots who just zap you with their xray (literally I was surgically removed from so many different aircraft by P39 or Yak9T pilots as to make me wonder if they were using aimbots or cheats).

In the end, I went to play some Minecraft, now I don't play that much of this, but when I did I just play and dig and build and dig.  But I always play with one rule, if I die I'm dead.  Start over.  Some call this hard core, but I don't.  Its just what I do, so I'm getting really good at setting up a wheat farm, collecting animals and making myself a little house and then I set about digging a shaft to diamond depth.  My problems come along later, when I'm trying to collect XP for enchants.  I go scurrying about and I don't find enough target mobs.  So, in my current game I'm going to try and make a sky placed mob generator and farm it.

I also, this new world spawned right next to (literally 22 blocks from) a zombie spawner, so I plan to dig it all out around and build a trap for that.

Then on the fully side of things I saw this... and I can't but help say that picture looks just like the bitch who lives across the street from us....

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