Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Bike Road Rage

I agree with this cyclist, as much as I hate to agree with any cyclist.  The car driver here he does not regret what he did, he just regrets getting caught...

And to be honest, he was in the wrong, so why cover his face, he pulled over in the middle of the street, a public place, and publicly berated the guy in the right, so why cover his face he can expect no privacy, its common decency not to shout at people, and to go to the lengths of turning around and following the young chap.

If he's have got out the car to me, I'd have thrown the bike down and assumed a stance to protect myself with reasonable force, up to and not including whacking his head on his own bonnet.

Not that I condone violence, but pricks like that driver need a smack, thinking he's hard.  And mainly I bet he only dare challenge the guy on the bike cus he's young and lightly built.

Unmask the coward and let his employer (if the waster has one) see who he is!

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