Monday, 9 September 2013


I've spent a lot of time this weekend - well night time - playing World of Tanks, the challenge was to make the XP for my Tiger II, and I did it, I even had enough free XP to unlock the second best gun and enjoyed putting a 100% crew in her with some gold.

But, my using of her has been either epic win, or tragic failure, I'm down to around 25% win rate with her, which is bad, but hey ho, I had a few epic games in other tanks to make  up for it, my personal best was in the old Churchill I

Yes, a victory, reaper, top gun and my first ever Radley Walters medal, which was good fun, I also did the most damage by over 400 and the only damage I took was friendly first - hey ho.

My other time was spent setting up VMWare on this my new installation of Windows 7, I wanted to host my Linux machines, rather then dual boot.  Because I may be re-re-installing Windows 7 soon with a change of the motherboard, so VMWare the development linux environment I wanted for the short term.

The trouble I had, I could not get Mint (xfce) to install, every time I tried the ISO was reported to be corrupt - with an invalid check sum - during the file copy stage.  I got so frustrated with this I ended up setting up Xubuntu and I'm yet to go back to find a suitable solution to what was going on.

But one good thing came out of having to set up the Linux environment, for you see one personal project I have on the boil needs a little media work - its a game - and I needed a way to get a window on screen, in a cross platform friendly way, and so started to see out such a layer.

I am well aware of Simple Direct Media Layer (SDL), but I came across "SFML", a new one on me, and this seemed to support the 2D sprite work more natively and so more suitably for me.

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