Monday, 23 September 2013

Windows OS History - Francis at his Finest

You see Microsoft are well known to create a good OS, then a shit OS.... Now ignoring DOS, which has the same interface and API as CP/M *cough* Thieves! *cough*, as a company they've produced several Visual OS's... Windows 1, was shit never got out to us... Windows 2 was better... Windows 3.0 was broken, Windows 3.1 and 3.11 were okay and added... Windows 95 was dreadful... Windows 98 worked....

Are you seeing the pattern yet?

From windows 98 we have a bifurcation, Windows ME which utterly sucked and Windows 2000 which worked, but Windows 2000 was based on Windows NT (New Technology) which is Microsoft parlance for "rewritten" and by a different team, so it worked differently and was; I believe; intended to compete with the work station market then rules by Sun Microsystems and other Unix or Unix a-like systems like Silicon Graphics and SCO.

So, at one point they had two decentish systems Windows 98, and 2000.  But 2000 being so new it was shitter than 98 for games and the common man, so we'll just grass over this and say 98 good, ME bad!

Then came Vista... Windows Vista... Now I bought it, and it was utterly crap mainly because of driver issues and their first pass attempt at including a method of elevating the user from "normal" to "super" for installation or operation of high-level functions.  Us techno-aware knew this, but the Technofeebles were left to flap all alone because they'd installed their new OS and could not get the fucking network drivers to install to get back on the internet and ask "Why the fuck don't this thing work"?

I've only just recently got rid of Vista, in favour of affordable copies of Windows 7... Because after being stung for £120 for the Ultimate 64bit Vista I was not going to fork out for Windows 7, until I knew its pedigree was up to scratch.

And so, the bad good bad good cycle continued... Vista Bad... Windows 7 good....

This brings us to Windows 8... Well, I know a man who can say it better than me...

Oh by the way, I'll just pass over the fact I had a Red had Linux installation in 1999 and flattened it in favour of Windows 2000... We all make mistakes okay... But, at the time I needed to code with Borland C++ Builder 3, and it was windows only, okay... okay... I'm sorry!

And before you all say I'm picking on Microsoft... Apple do it too...

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