Saturday, 21 September 2013

Banking, Maria DB and Panzer!

I have already briefly blogged about the identity thing with a certain bank, well the irony continues.

The DVLA identification I need to update my drivers licence is all the stuff the bank just turned down, so when I send all this valid, correct identification to the DVLA to get my licence, and then send the license onto the bank... I'll basically  have been chasing myself around in circles and wasting time...

Its all rather annoying.

In other news I'm moving forward on my personal project to create a game, and to host my world I'm setting up a persistent server, I had done a bunch of preliminary work on this in MySQL, but I've decided to go with Maria DB instead.  So I'm going to be putting together the basic "how to register" an account PHP & database.  Then I'll be linking to that with C (well C++).

I've got a login-server which will then pass them onto the hosted game world server.

On the very small scale I'm at, with just a few test accounts concurrently connected, I've got these various servers hosted on my beefy desktop PC as a series of Virtual machines, and I'm connected into it over the wireless and my wired hub from two laptops (and the Raspberry Pi).

And now onto Panzers, specifically Girlz Und Panzer... I found a playing of the first episode... and I've taken a look, before I order the DVD... Nop over to "Daily Motion" folks and search.

Its completely mental, absolutely mental, but that's Japan for you... (And I speak from experience, Oss).

The other "tankery" issue was my edict to only play TD's... it worked a treat, I earned over 1,000,000 credits, did my 15 mission wins in random games, got lots of fun... My Stug III went from a pooting 46% win rate to 49%.  And I generally had a damn good time.

However, come Monday a new mission arrived, "Flank them"... where you earn a gun laying drive (500,000 credits worth) for getting 15 wins in random missions in a TD from the list... Of course this swamped the Match Making with dozens of bloody Tank Destroyers.

In one game there were 7 Stugs, 4 Hellcats, 2 Hetzers and a T80... it was mental... No tank could move, no-one could breath, let alone play!  So, tho my plan for the weekend was ace fun, when that mission came out it ruined it.

I'm also still not enjoying the Tiger II at all, I just die... and die hard.  I'm clearly doing something wrong, but I can't place what I'm doing that's so bad.  I kind of wish my commander had sixth sense, but my performance is so bad they've only got 30% of their selected skill trained - and I didn't even pick Sixth Sense first for him as its a 100% kick-in.... Hey ho.  I'll figure that out.

Oh, whilst watching this video on Daily Motion, I notice that the ad-blocker count is already at 101 adverts... That's as compared to YouTube where you get 2 per page... 101 adverts!

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