Thursday, 8 August 2013

Insulting Bastards in World of Tanks

Just thought I'd post this, as it pissed me off, the other night I was playing this very map on World of Tanks, my first ever time on the map so I did on it what I had seen Quickie Baby do, I took to the hill and passage on the left.

In my Stug, I was fast and got there and tried to block the passage, but the M4A3 got me in the side, tracked - in a stug - I was eaten alive.

But, as far as I can see it was the right place to be, I see successful moves always lead through there for the northern forces... 

The trouble was, I was alone, not 100% sure and killed fast trying it... And then - and this is why I come to post - I had an utter and total wanker calling me names in the game.

Guess what you fucking cunt, Quicky Baby does the same shit as I did and it worked for him, because unlike me, he has a decent team with him... I just had you sitting there in the spawn calling names rather than playing, all you did was criticise others and sit farming defence points by tapping enemy coming to cap.  Wanker.

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