Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Energy Certificate Farce

Right, at the moment the wife and I have the house on the market.  As part of putting it on the market we have to get an Energy Efficiency Certificate.  So we paid up our doe and sat back waiting for the visit... No visit.

We chased this up, and finally got an appointment, only for it to get cancelled... So we called again, and then they started chasing us around asking for dates and times we could not make... Times when the average person is at work.

Today, in about an hour is the next appointment, but the guy turned up an hour early... He's sat outside right now... The reason for this... we have a house viewing in about 5 minutes time...

Not only is this an utter farse, but a pointless waste of his time, I've had to turn him away, because a house viewer is more important than some stupid certificate... And the guy is early, he called yesterday saying "I'm in the same postcode area, can I come by"... and it was just... "Erm, no we're both at work"...

The mind boggles, this must be the most inefficient exercise ever, all for an energy EFFICIENCY certificate.

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