Sunday, 25 August 2013

Cuda and more at home?

One of the big projects I have in the back ground is going to involve using the graphics card processing power, I've got some graphics cards around the place, all of which are nVidia branded, but from what I'm reading ATi driven cards will better suit the processing I want to do...

It maybe time ti do a decent review of the two, I might send missives out to nVidia and ATi, see if they'd like to collaborate with a programmer to leverage a decent review of a product or two.

I see so many reviews of graphics cards are just covering their use in games, their packaging or even just how they can fit into water cooling loops or cases.  The other side of graphics card use if high performance computing, not a common thingin the home, but something which could be put to much better use than it is today - used primarily in cracking other people's wireless network passwords. lol

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