Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Programming Brain Farts

I have a long and annoying habit of getting the smallest thing lodged in my code, many years ago a famous one was whilst programming the N-Queens problem in Java, it simply would not work, myself and my house mates were pulling our hair out... Until one of us solved it, and I have the ignominy of my mate walking in pointing at my screen and going... "That [int] should be a long"... DOH.

And the same has just happened now, in some byte wise encryption and transcription code, I could not get the C# port to work, I'd looked at it, printed it out, I'd stared long into the evening... no dice.

I noticed a senior manager earlier twiddling his thumbs, so I asked what he was up so - not that I have remit to do so - he said nothing... So I palmed this task off to him....

Five minutes, most of which was his printing out the function, it took him... "That byte there is in Hex on the spec, but you got it as decimal in the code"... ARGH... ARGH... ARGH... GAH....


FUCK another one for my list of Brain Farts.

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