Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Its more like a J and a U - Amazon Delivery

So the BBC are covering the news that Amazon are shaking up their delivery charges system, and the BBC describe it as a "U" turn...

The super saver delivery was introduced in 2009... that's four years... to its less of an immediate sounding U and more of an over time "J" that Amazon has reversed the decision in, and the decision doesn't seem to cover everything.

Books, CD's, DVD's and the like are not covered and remain possibly free to deliver.

It does annoy me when the BBC get someone reporting like this from their soap box, its most certainly a personal opinion in this case and to flagrantly describe it negatively as an immediate sounding U turn, when its clearly a longer term strategy is just poor reporting.

About the decision though, one does have to question whether this is a move now to maximise profits as Amazon has shut down and cornered many competitors, such as Play, and now Amazon feel enabled to charge.

I will say I for one will not be going out my way to pay delivery, and paying a charge may reduce my orders from Amazon, but will it stop be using Amazon?.. Probably not, and that's more a sign of how ubiquitous their services are now compared to ten years ago.

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