Saturday, 1 June 2013

Office PC Broken

Okay, I've been reduced to working on a very old machine, my main development machine - a Core i7 with 8GB of RAM and dual displays has networking and USB issues and since I'm working on a USB and network orientated project I'm unable to work upon it.

Asking IT for a replacement/support/fix is about as helpful as punching myself in the gut, they have no spare machines, they have no support they can take my machine off of me and send it back to the vendor for repair - taking weeks... And when I point out I'm on a deadline for a project important to the company they just shrug, shit they do not give.

Hence yesterday I had a ferret around in the spares pile and put together an old single core Celeron with 2GB of DDR2 ram and a small Sata hard drive... I had to resurrect this with XP - as we have no licenses for windows 7 in 32bit - and then I had to get Visual Studio and all the other tools set up...

The up shot is a glacial pace to my work, I'm sitting waiting for compiles and I'm writing out what I need do next before the system is back up.  Its actually so horribly slow I may - today while alone in the office - swap my broken unit for one from another sucker who's not about and explain myself on Monday, because this project is critical and yet the response to helping me get on with it has been a near consistant shrug.

Only two people have helped keep this project moving, and they work dozens of feet away, and I can't thank them enough, but those closer to and in positions which should furnish me with the tools to get things done... ner... they can't be arsed, they're busy, they're more important than doing projects which might make the company a profit.


The problem with the machine on the networking side seems to be a similar problem which a minority of users of this particular networking chip experience, the Intel-82579LM chip on the card seems to have issues.

Ironically I'm so locked out of this machine by IT that I can't even update the drivers to a more recent version, and they've taken a look before and come up with naught, whilst I hit google the once and found others having the issue.

So, sorry for mentioning this and maybe bringing people in here from searches thinking I have a solution, because I don't... sorry.

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