Thursday, 27 June 2013

Naming your Software

Sometimes you just have to give it a swanky name... I've been fighting to get a piece of software accepted into the main system for about four years, one manager veto'd it totally, another simply ignored it as a need, today a third manager voiced his opinion the system needed a certain functionality, so I set about dragging my same idea back out and regurgitating it to him.

The reply I got was a sensational "I've been asking for this for about four years!"... Really, cus I've been blocked by incompetants from delivering it for about four years too!....

The difference however, appart from this new manager wanting the functionality, is the name.  You see it had a really boring name, "System Data Retriever"... Boring...

So I opened up google translate, flicked it into English-to-Latin and set about putting some words in... Razor... Flash... Alsorts of those marketing terms to get a response... I settled on "Assassin" you can go translate it yourselves, but the result was instantly obscure enough and yet pronouncible to be accepted.

Lesson learned there folks, don't innovate, don't speculate, don't frustrate, just regurgitate the same old ideas - rejected or not - but you best damn make sure they have a funky name!

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