Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Telephone Manner

Its not often I get to speak to suppliers or customers that often any more, I used to all the time, and I cut my teeth in IT talking to the lovely people at Sco and NCR and AT&T being nice to them to get what we needed on a shoe string budget.

Anyway, its been a while since I was in any such position, and so it was a happy moment today when I had to speak to a support operator (a quite senior chap) at 3M about a problem we had with a device we're interfacing with.  The essence of the problem was that we're using the off the shelf driver on Windows, and we need to make it do a none-standard operation, an operation which currently requires a reboot - we just want it to do this operation without needing to reboot the whole machine.

A nice chat of a few minutes and voila, he's on the case and he was lovely - 3M good on you!

The interesting thing however was, as I came off the phone, three different people were staring at me... "You sounded dead posh"... one of them said... "Professional"... said another... "Like you were so polite and nice".

This has me worried, I thought I was always like that, and always have been... But it seems my telephone manner has been missed around here, I might start to talk to everyone in my telephone voice, it got such a big reaction I might just act like I'm doing Shakespear at work. lol

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