Thursday, 25 April 2013

WarThunder Economy Still Broken

Last night I had an interesting time playing WarThunder, I did write a post to this effect earlier, but its gone missing.  But I made Rank 11 with the help of some large slices of XP (300,000 worth from an achievement) but made little to no cash... I think I went from approx 680,000 lions to just over 700,000 earned in over 10 flights... So, 20K, in ten fights that's an average of 2K per flight and that matches my recollection pretty easily.

However, I just happened to wonder into the WarThunder forums and into the 1.29 update, and I noticed the image used by the "Borisych" member of the team... The image is:

You can go check this yourself here.

But, before you do, do you recognise the image?  Its from the film Snatch, the actor is one Alan Ford playing the part of "Brick Tip".  At this point in the film he strolls into the pawn shop, which is covered in dead body and after receiving that cup of tea from his body guard explains he is an 'orrible cunt.

Well, Borisych, of the WarThunder team, with the state of the lion earning ability of your once great game, yes, yes you are a cunt.  Well done.

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