Monday, 8 April 2013

Man Flu

I feel thoroughly drubbed over, I'm sat at work right now, staring at lines of code wondering why the fuck am I here.  The reason for this isn't some deep mid-life crisis, its not some in-fathomable coding glitch either, its the simple fact that I've got a cold.

In Britain, and I guess elsewhere, when a man has a cold he gets short sharp shrift as regards sympathy... "You'll find sympathy in the dictionary somewhere between Shit and Syphilis" as the saying goes.  But also here in Britain there's this rule of not bringing illness to your work colleagues.

So this morning I phoned in to HR and said, "I've got a stinking cold, I can come in, but I'll give it everyone, what do you want?"... They told me to come in.

There we go, here I am, and I've now been to the kitchenette - good luck anyone touching the taps, the coffee machine or the water cooler!  I did wash my hands, but still, good luck.  I'm also coughing and sneezing over my desk - so anyone wanting a document off me is going to get a short barrel of snot.

Consequently, because I was ill, I spent most of yesterday in bed - or being made to do things by the wife - whom would not let me rest...

So I missed this:

This is the second "offer" from them I've missed, I missed out on the gold for fights the other week, and I missed out on this, the reason being illness, but also the current economy has left me feeling lack lustre towards playing at all, its too costly to play the game at the tier I have access to.

I've effectively stopped playing, until they fix the economy there, but its cutting my nose off to spite my face, I would clearly have liked 24 hours of premium.... maybe not yesterday as I was so ill.

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