Monday, 4 March 2013

I wish I were Thor!

Yes, I wish I were Thor, the mythical god of thunder because I've been playing a lot of a game called "WarThunder", and I love it.  I got into it through watching video's pretty much by accident by "jingles" over on YouTube.  But I've since really gotten into the game itself.

And it looks so pretty... Here's my Hurricane landed, on pretty low settings running on my laptop...

Yes its this pretty a game, and I've not even played it on my main gaming PC...

You can play the game for free, though you will progress faster paying for in game gold.  I've not bought a single coin but I'm not doing bad, I've gotten level 5 in general and level 5 in both the UK and Japanese aircraft lines, giving me a decent insight into the early game, and giving me lots of fun.

I am planning on setting up to record some of my game sessions, because you have such great fun doing it.

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