Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Still playing WarThunder, but keep getting dropped from the server - and its not my end - seems the servers are either being flaky with me, or there's something deeper going on... But it is annoying as I was just in line for quite a large reward from a mission, as I not only had a lot of bomb hits in my Beaufort, but I had four air kills in the Beaufighter - all in all I had around two 5x ground streaks and two 3x air streak awards, I'd have gotten the bomber award too and perhaps the assists award.

But, I won't get anything cus I suddenly got the message:

This is happening a lot today, and I think its their end because the build number of the version of game running has changed from up and up....

And then I got this in the launcher - so that is an update.

Update: I'm back in and annoyingly it says I quit the mission... Gah....

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  1. thnx to you i noticed this game and im enjoying it.


    Chaplain your avalanche church bro