Sunday, 10 March 2013

Fly the Spitfire

Seems lots of people are jumping into WarThunder, the venerable Frankie of DayZ fame is flying around and so is my old chum (and Day of Defeat master) Chaplain.

I'm still in the game a lot, though I only seem to get to fly late at night and that may change next week as I'll be back at work and unable to get away from the wife as easily.

However, for those of you out there with a copy of the game I thought I'd share a replay for you all, this is myself going out on a Domination map in my RAF crates, I start off with a very successful run in my spitfire Mk I, a plane which I've not overly used - it was being flown in my number 2 slot so didn't even have my best fighter trained crew but it flew so well I counted many kills in it.

Here are the stats, the replay file I'll post at the end as a link to... well to somewhere.

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