Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Beufighter - WarThunder

I'm beginning to find my stride in WarThunder, my preferred method of fighting is to zoom and boom, this is to play a fighter or destroyer (twin engine fighter) gain altitude and dive down and attack low fliers and then zoom back up with the speed I've gained.

I have a slight bias to the British Beaufighter - because of its high speed and heavy armament of four 20mm cannon - and the Japanese Ki-43 for its elegance and twin 50 .cal machine guns - but also because my Japanese crews have quite a lot of points put into reload to I can burn through all the shells in the dive and twist up reloading for the next run.

I have, by far, clocked up the most kills doing this and by far the most consistent kill rate in the Beaufighter - which I've only been out in maybe 10 times and shot down over 15 aircraft for only two return shoot downs in it.

The trouble is however, I'm having a really disturbed time playing this afternoon.  I would normally be at work, but I'm having a week off stay-cation.  The trouble is, this means the wife see's me doing "nothing".... Yesterday, whilst doing "nothing", I managed to... Go get a new Battery fitted to the car, get the other car's exhaust checked, buy petrol, paint two door frames with primer and then gloss, move two big boxes out of the loft, help mow my father-in-laws lawn - and get the mower petrol - hoover the lounge and reception room, empty and put the dishwasher on twice - to catch up - clean the shower and clean the kitchen.  Then I cooked.... All that whilst doing "nothing".

The wife managed to iron four shirts and two pairs of trousers and acted the hero throughout... I however just wanted to get back to my beaufighter, however, I was prevented from doing so come early evening by the need to sit and pretend to want to spend some time with the wife, as she proceeded to watch Hollyoaks, Emmerdale, Coronation Street, Eastenders, Coronation Street again and then some drama about a missing girl... All that, left me at 10pm either going to watch the new series of Sons Of Guns - which I eventually missed - or get back to my piloting... I took to the controls and never looked back.

I've also had two network drop outs mid-game... They were going well too, with a couple of kills.

My favourite Beaufighter kill was a HE-111, which I saw 7km away about 3km up, whilst I was skimming away from a low sweep kill of an F4F - which is a story all of its own - but I climbed from the sweep and up to around 2700 meters, the He-111 pilot must have simply not seen me, or assumed I was low, cus he flew straight and level as my four cannons lit him up... Comically the distinctive glass clad nose section of his bomber flew on for around 50 meters as the rest of the plane splintered up.  On that occasion I was then jumped by a P39 and had to dive away to nearly 550km/h to escape but I took some damage and had to land on an airstrip to repair before rejoining the fray taking out a Blenheim and a PBY.

And this is what the game is like, stunningly pretty - even on low settings - and every mission has a dozen little stories all to be told, its no wonder there are so many good - and some bad - YouTube channels publishing content from the game - even the eponymous Frankie has had a go.

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