Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Music to Code To...

I've been a little busy still being ill, and working hard, I'm also deep digesting (this means reading really slowly) the final book of Wheel of Time, I've been a fan of the whole series and I am digesting this last book as little golden morsels.

However, like my previous, failed, effort to find a sweetie to enjoy whilst coding, I have started to play music more whilst coding.  I've always played music, but sort of a regular rotation of stuff so I can ignore it and let the tunes flow.

But from time to time I find new things to add, and I found this one today...

Now, I missed this totally when it came out, but its just my sort of thing... and I'm sad to see it won a Grammy and is over 13 years old... sad because I knew nothing about it... hey ho... Adding it to my ipod now.

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