Monday, 21 January 2013

Snowed in Britain

So its snowed here in Britain, it had threatened last week, hence I did 5am starts to avoid getting stuck.  But last night I could simply not get any quality sleep, so I opted to stay in bed.

Big mistake, I ended up having to dig out two foot drifts, and three foot troughs, up the entire back lane.  You might remember I mentioned before I live down an dirty track off a country lane by farm land.  Anyway, it was thick with snow.

Worse than that though the neighbours, despite my asking them not to, had been going up and down with their Volvo making the track way into ice, and I mean going out for trivial things, like a single loaf of bread, or six bottles of lager... and a magazine... And no, not all in one go, that was three different trips.

So, a good six inches of snow turned into ice, and then two more feet of snow have fallen on that... They're now stuck.

I however, am at work... The reason being, I am not so fucking foolish, but also carpet... Old carpet is my secret, put it under my front (drive) wheels and away I went, into the troughs I dug... If I got stuck, out I got, carpet in front of the tyres, roll on, and take off again...

I got to the road, after digging and swearing after about an hour and 45 minutes.  I packed my shovel and magic carpet and set off to work on the worse back roads I've been on in years, they were white out in so many places, with black ice beneath.

As it ease and I got onto the A roads and travelled routes into the city, but I had to boggle at the city dwellers making life hard for themselves, morons driving around still with the snow all over their car... You could not see their lights, you could not see their faces, just sweaty little mole noses pressed against glass trying to drive...

Its not snowing right now, the air and weather has lifted, and if they cleared their cars driving would be safe.  But they've not, there are so many wondering around with rooves covered in snow and the heater on... the result.... the moment they brake an avalanche takes over their windscreens and they have to slam their brakes on, its so dangerous.  And all because they don't have the patience or brain cells to clear their car.

I cleared mine, I cleared the lane, I got out... Good luck to the other people trying to clear a way, but these morons still covered in snow... Gah.... and one of them "Baby on Board" in the back... these morons are breeding!

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