Sunday, 23 December 2012

Strange Nocturnal Activity

So, this afternoon when the wife was popping out to work, and I was out helping her clear some stuff out the back of one of our cars the neighbour, whom has ignored us for like two months and gotten himself into bed with the local knob neighbour says to the mrs... "Someone's broken into me garage".

I couldn't give a toss about this, like I've said before I've put my neck out helping people around her and had myself verbally abused in the street, so this numb wit can get on with his own shit.

But, interestingly, we leave our gates out the back open, there's tables, metal poles, cages, bike and two cars on our property, sometimes the wife even leaves our car windows open.  We've not seen any problems, nothing missing no issues...

Yet this guy reckons someone has targeted his locked, secure garage?

They could walk through a gate, and have a whole plethora of power tools off of our back, but someone has purposefully gone into his difficult to access garage.

I've purposefully not asked what's missing, if anything, because I don't want to know.  If I don't know and someone asks I can't get accused, that's how I'm sitting on this one.

However, one has to look at this more pragmatically, he's in with the local toss pot, an out of work wanker who's already been discussing doing drug deals out on his rear garden... So, this chat with the garage... mentions to this wanker "I've got X in the garage", wanker waits and boom takes it... Its, pretty simple to see...

There is no crime around here, there are no louts, there are no kids, there are perhaps a few poachers, because its to rural and the nights have been so cold, people don't purposefully come here to commit crime, if they've committed a crime there already here... And I reckon its the wanker, there's no bones about it.  I've already seen him casing  up properties, seen him stopping to talk to random people, and its that common knack with people that's gotten him into everyone's good books, but really, he's casing them up.

But I'm not going to point this out, let them suffer him, whilst I protect my own.

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