Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Books About Programmers

Its that time of crunch, at work there's a project coming to fruition, today I've spent most of my time breaking through to people that my code does in fact work and I've discovered a big bug in the source software - on another system, which everyone insisted "has been tested to death", but which infact was "oh nice find, we've never tested the system like that - which was to say, they never tested this particular system.  Anyhew, I handed over my code and it all worked, I then had to give a small introduction to one chap on how to use linux... which was basically "change directory with cd" and "use ctrl+c together to end a program"... This was pretty much DOS stuff, so I was a little worried by how wild and strange he looked at me when he asked me for a demo and I said, "its just like DOS cd... Ctrl+c etc..."

But my other thing I've bene up to is reading some books on programming, I've gotten through a few recently regarding C++, and I've updated my knowledge greatly, this has run in time with the Standard Library evolution into C++11 from C++0x and C++98 before that.

However, I've also taken to reading books about great programmers, I read a bit about John Draper, and Kevin Mitnick last month, I've covered a few of the google employee books out there and I came across this, which I'm finding interesting.

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