Monday, 20 August 2012

R I P Tony Scott - By Tweet of course....

I've just heard the news about Tony Scott, I await to find out why he has seemingly committed suicide and can only say it is a sad day for both his family and the movie world at large.

But I must also ask, when did it become acceptable for a reporter, specifically the hacks at the BBC to just make a trifle comment and then quote over a half dozen tweets, why is that journalism?... Why is just quoting what a load of other people, on a very informal system, have said news worthy?...

I find the messages themselves fine, but why quote Stephen Fry, Robert Rodriguez, Duncan Jones and all the other peoples from their twitter accounts?... Is it just to name drop?... Something I believe is very much frowned upon in social graces, and this is my problem with it seeing so many tweets reguritated verbatim simply seems like bad form to me, bad social style.

And as much as tweeter seems to be de rigueur at the moment I think we'll one day look back on these reports and it'll sadden us that our news, solid real history happening around us, is being recorded in such a hap hazard, low brow, fashion.

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