Sunday, 12 August 2012

More Pitbull Tribulations

Some of you may have read my previous post about my tribulations with the pitbull belonging to the prior occupier of number1?... Well... Now strikes the house sitters at number 9...

Someone, we don't know who moved into number 9, they had a dog and that dog has been lonely, howling, scratching and left for hours on end (15 hours+ today at least).

Anyway earlier today this thing got out, it was roaming between the gardens of number 1 and number 3... Right next to mine, my wife and I came in and suddenly out of the undergrowth shot a cat, with this dog attached to its rear end.  The cat doing a runner and this dog whipping off god knows where after it... I assumed this dog was number 1's... Told them "Your dog's just had that cat"... Only to be informed it is not their dog.

Moments later the dog reappears and the guy from number 1 puts a lead on it, and we work out its number 9's... So, I knock on their door... Nothing... We're waiting this dog is soft as shite with humans, unlike the last one I tackled, but these two guys from number 1 have it and with no answer at the door we take it through my alley and out my garden around the back to see how it got out...

It got out because, these masterminds had decided that to stop an American Pit Bull Terrier that a piece of wire grid could be held in place by what looked like a bar stool, a pot plant and a wheelie bin.

But, anyway, with water and food, the lads from number 1 screwed this wire into place, put the barricade back up as well and we stepped away.  I then put a note through the front door:

"URGENT your dog has escaped and attacked a cat, its back safe, the lads at number 1 have secured it.  Feel free to chat about it, number 5".

The dog was there all day then, howling and whimpering.  I spoke to it twice and it was quiet for maybe half an hour, it had a couple of rawhide chews thrown in and some biscuits and the dog was there well into the dark as I visited it one last time at around 11pm... At which point it had been left from around 8am... We had (that is I heard from number 1) someone had come in a silver car to check it, and these numpties at number 9 have a silver car.  So there you go, I didn't see them come however, and as far as I know I heard the dog whimper at or around 8am and it was still howling and crying at 11pm.

So, I tried to call the RSPCA... No luck, its not a stray on an A road, its got food, water and shelter its not neglected, and it seems a lovely dog with people, so I called the police operator; this being a none emergency.

I had a lovely police operator talk to me around half 11, and she said she had three staffies and that tonight "You have to bite the bullet and tomorrow mediate with the owner, let them know you spoke to us"... so I left it there, midnight rolls past, the dogs whimpering.

I'm sat working and listening for a car, I still hear the dog whimpering at half midnight ish, I'm not going to be exact, I was working.  But I can be exact about the next events, 1am, they appear in their car... I can hear sudden crunching on the gravel (which litters the property) and I can hear a male voice calling for the dog.  So I lean out my bathroom window to say hello, and let them know the goings off...

Only to hear them realise the dog is gone... Well fuck me, the lash job by number one has held all day, but that dog is now not there... I'm trying to tell the guy I can hear (but not see, it being pitch black)... That the dog was there minutes ago... When behold, the wanker element in this knob shank crawls out...

"You've got my dig, give me my dog, its against the law to hold a dog against its will!" Fuck this and cunt that and to be frank, I've had enough of this, there's a female voice now calling from the pitch dark trying to hear me, but he's yelling over her, what is he yelling... He's on the phone to the police.

Fuck this for a game of pass the puppy, I walk away from my window and I call the police operator back, unfortunately I can't find the one I had spoken to earlier, so I explained what had gone off, how I had called and that he was now out the rear of my property f*ing and blinding at me... Oh and that now he was knocking on my front door!... Well, seems the young lady was, she had found my note from earlier and was stood with a pleading look on her face, but this tattoo'd alcohol soaked fuck wit gob shite is stood behind her seething, and I'm not doing this all over again.  So the police operator hears all this and instructs me to leave it to officers to deal with and walk away.

The officers arrive, I explain to them, invite them to view my property to see I've not got this idiots dog, and they go talk to him... Quarter of an hour later they're being kicked out of his house, with a stream of swearing floating out after them.

A few minutes later one of the officers returns to talk to me, she wants to see the dogs in my property, because this dip shit thinks he came onto the rear of my property (trespass) and called her name hearing her bark... Well if he came onto my property he'd have heard my two toy poodles and old labrador bark certainly, but not this dog I'd been left to baby sit all day in the hopes of it being quiet enough to let me sleep.

So, the officer meets my labrador and in true comic fashion the poodles parade past and I get to point to them and declare "That ain't a pitbull".  The officer bless her heart saw the humour in this, and departed, but not before telling me:

"He's [the guy mouthing off] is a hot head, he's had alcohol and is now fretting because its not his dog, its not even his house"... According to the officer "they're house sitting, and he's now afraid of his friend coming home from holiday and finding his dog gone"... 

Now, I refer you back to the barricade put in place... which he was yelling about being brilliant dog retention material... Who ever that dog belongs to, should know and needs to know, the two people he put in charge of his animal are idiots, plain dyed in the wold idiots.  Its not their fault, maybe they've never had dogs, maybe they're a bit slow, who knows.  But clearly today they've left that dog, and left it a long time without any attention.  It was lonely and frustrated and like all smart, strong dogs its got out... Despite my and the guys at number 1's best efforts.

And, I've been threatened and verbally abused in the street for my effort.  I understand he must have been shocked to see no dog, but its all a problem of his own making.  Leaving a dog for 15+ hours... Leaving it on one of the hottest days of the year with one piddly bowl of water and some dry mixer food...

Now, all that said, I also don't think the dog has been exercised whilst they've supposedly been looking after it, indeed since the dog arrived I've seem piles of dog shit in the lane, I've seen dog shit flicked over the timber fencing onto the white gravel of the properties drive and I've been woken at gone 11pm hearing someone let a dog exercise (I can't say it was them, or that dog, its pitch black) but I get the feeling they're just popping in on the dog now and then.

Today, the dog was howling at 8am ish, and certainly made a lot of noise at 8:44... I last saw it at around 23:00 and called the RSPCA at 23:17 for advice, and the police switch board at 23:30 ish, when I could still hear it... That's 15 hours... Alone, fretting, whimpering and crying... Is it any wonder its now fucked off.

Add to this the problem that we live on a country lane, there are horses in the field at the end of the lane, there are two farms within spitting distance (literally) which host horses, there are cows in the area, people keep chickens and there are even sheep from time to time... If a farmer saw this dog worrying live stock he'd be likely to shoot it... And I saw this dog go after and get that cat... horrible... Adorable with people, terrible with animals.

So it seems, I've done another good deed and had it thrown in my face, so this is it, I'm done, no more letting people out at the junction, no more helping people in the street, no more polite in difference to the scum out there; if you're scum you can get out my way, and right now this lot are scum.

In the morning, when/if they dare talk to me there better be white flags waving high and clear, else I'll detonate.

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