Tuesday, 28 August 2012

DayZ the Spectator Sport

I've been playing a lot of DayZ this weekend, so much so that the wife likes the tension of it and comes to watch... Making this the only spectator sport currently in our house - at least until the paralympics start.

Now, I started out Friday as an utter noob, and I've seen so much stuff going on, I thought I'd share some of my tips for playing as a utter noob.

1. Don't rush into towns, move up slowly, look for log cabins or open doors and then crawl in.

2. Don't loose guns by trying to put them into starter bags, they don't fit and just instantly disappear.

3. Pistols need to be swapped with the torch to use it, to swap the pistol into a bag takes 5 bag slots, plus 1 slot per magazine, if you don't have the slots the gun and or ammo will disappear.

4. Get a hatchet, this is the best way to sneak up behind zombies and kill them in the early game, its silent and the zombies often have food or drink on them.

5. When you get scared, and can't aim any longer, food and drink calm you down.

I'll post more as I get on with the game, I'm still very much a beginner, I've not even survived a whole day through yet... My problem is I am often very careful, until I get to have some kit, then I seem to get impatient, so rather than going slow still I get up, or I'll try to eat or drink or some stupic thing that gets my character stood up or crouching, rather than prone... I must remember to be more patient and take it slow.

A lot of players seem to like to take their utter started character to the city, tool up and go out into the wilds, where as I seem to be prefering to stay in the wilds.  The problem with their approach is, you become a huge target and often don't get back out the city with your loot, my problem is that I'm often hungry and thirsty as I'm grubbing around finding nothing but empty tins...

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