Wednesday, 11 July 2012

SF stop buying Apple

I was looking at the news that San Fransisco was to stop buying Macs for local officials... Not that I considered this piece of information news worthy, but that a figure stuck me....

"It noted local officials spent $45,579 (£29,365) on Apple equipment in 2010."

The BBC state... Take a look at the Apple store... $999 for a MacBook Air... £1199 for a MacBook Pro... $600 just for a Mac Mini, and $2500 for a Mac Pro... So... on average, we can point a very rough finger of $1000 for a Mac...

Let us assume a generous 25% government discount, $750 per machine... This means San Franscico buys about 60 machines a year?  I think my employer, a much smaller, entity than the local authorities in SF... Buy more than 60 machines a year...

Their reason for not buying Macs any more is also something trivial, rather than think about the cost to their tax payers (because lets face it for $750 you can have a banging hot specification machine put together far in excess of the specification of a mac of the same price) but their reason is in fact because Apple, those Chinese Labour Sweat Shop Using Elegant Style bastards that they are, won't have a cat in hells chance of getting the Green Certificiation for their production methods for a Mac, all that industrial effluent pouring into the Yanghtze River does show up somewhere after all, so Apple are not going to bother.  But the SF liberal, Berkley corps, want to see them be green, so cut off their 60 machines a year order... Boo hoo says I.

Apple do have an interesting page about their Green Credentials... Which, despite using the colour green, only ever show seemingly low numbers... "We're 50% effective"... but its green, so it must be good enough!!?!?!?!... WOOT!

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  1. Just a side note, days after their pulling themselves off of the green list, they've stuck themselves back on... They've not actually changed anything about their products, they've just put themselves back into this scheme where they declare their good intentions... I'd however like to see delivery of good intentions.