Saturday, 26 May 2012

Thinking in the Morning & Gazebo Garbage

This is my 201st post, I didn't realise my 200th post was up for the grabbing... And I'm rather upset it was about a Microsoft product, but hey ho...

I'm in an unset kind of mood today, not least because I have so many programming ideas, but so little time to get on and carry some out... I got an update server to write & set up.  I got an XML to code parse/generator I want to put together.  I'm looking at a third party library implementing STCP with the Boost ASIO library.

I know I just need to get a hold of one of these many threads and get on with it, to look busy, but right now its very late or very early depending on your point of view.

About two years ago, coding at this time of night seemed to be no problem, I would sit and tap away; especially with the wife on a night shift; and I'd get loads of stuff done.  But over that time I've had less and less opportunity to stay up late and code at night (I never hack at night).  Consequently I think I've just lost the knack... I've been a night owl most all my life, but I think now as I fast approach middle age I'm growing out of that habit, indeed I find I get more and more code done in the first four hours of the day, and spend most of the afternoon, evening and night debugging, documenting and planning for the next coding cycle in the morning...

I might have to deal with this, either to rediscover a night slot to do with within, or to actually get up in the morning... I've never ever been good at getting up in the morning... So with my night coding ability floating away, but my teenage lack of wanting to get up remaining, I'm really running low on day light hours to get work done.

Ironically, this weekend I hoped to get a load of things done today (Friday, shit yesterday now - I hoped to get a load of things done yesterday) but instead I got nothing done and spent time with the wife... This time involved taking back to the shop a cheap gazebo she'd insisted we buy on Thursday... To say I struggled to put it up Thursday night would be an understatement, and to say it was poor quality would be a down right lie - it was utterly shite.

But, that I said "no, don't buy it" and we bought it anyway, only to have to spend more time, more petrol and more effort to take it back was ironic, and not the first such instance of my sage advice not being listened to...

However, with this gazillion here, I had hoped to get some time with the new laptop coding outside, so the wife had me on hand, the sun didn't ruin my chances of seeing the screen, and I actually got some work done... With the cover gone, I'm going to be ruined tomorrow now... Plans scuppered etc etc.

However, I'm taking some solace from one of my heroes Bjane Stroustrup, who in his interview for BigThink said he does most of his thinking in the morning and the evening "not so much".

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