Monday, 21 May 2012

SkyPlayer Failing Whilst Debugging Code

I usually sit coding with some form of streaming media running on my secondary screens, notably I use BBC iPlayer, Channel 4 OD, ITV Player and Sky Player... The latter of which I pay a hefty subscription for the movie channels and everything.

Now, this evening is the first time I've tried to stream one of the films live, I usually download them to the SkyPlayer desktop application and let them run locally, but this often means a loooooong wait for the film to download (as my connection is usually very busy).

And I'm sorry to say, that playing films live, whilst debugging code is an utter shit.  The keep stopping and stuttering, distracting me from my code, and worse of all if they play they seem to get so far and then report an error that the media file is not available and give the obtuse "contact sky help pages"... which are no help whatsoever.

Now, the machine is a octo-core i7 (yes 8 cores) its got massive 16GB of RAM, its hefting two 24" screens off of a dual 470GTX SLi graphics solution... Yet it can't play a media file from sky, which its been playing no problem for the previous 15 minutes?  Just long enough for the film to actually begin proper...

They have no problem screaming the pre-film adverts to me, adverts despite this being a paid for stream already!

So, I started to get itchy and look what the service is doing, now I have a suspicion that the application running the stream (a silverlight application - urgh) is testing, looking at the system, for things it thinks might be trying to rip the film off...

And I think its decided that having Visual Studio open is one such situation.  I can't be sure, but everytime I start the film playing with VS open, after a while the player stops falls on its ass, arses around with a buffering page for longer than I care to think and then it says this stupid "can't find the media file mate" message.

Without Visual Studio running... It plays no issue... hmmmmm

I can't prove a link, but if I do, expect me to just cancel my sky subscription, I've already had a moan at them this month, see my earlier post, this is just another nail in the coffin.

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