Tuesday, 10 April 2012

RIP - Jack Tramiel

In my opinion the passing of Jack Tramiel yesterday is more a watershed moment than the passing of Steve Jobs, yet there has been neary a squeek about Jack crashing into the ether of eternity... The father of 8bit computing in the US - with in roads into the UK - where we think of Clive Sinclair and Chris Curry as presenting the UK with affordable 8bit computing, it was Tramiel and his companies (Commodore and Atari) which brought 16bit computing to the UK and world, at affordable prices.

The father, in some ways, of the C64, C16, VIC-20, Atari ST, TT, MegaST, Falcon and all those miriad of Amiga models, the man has a story to rival and even eclipse many other "industry titans", from Auschwitz to California his rise was meteoric, not accidental.

So, I for one say thanks to Jack for his machines, for his life and thanks for all the memories:

Jack Tramiel - 1928 - 2012

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