Thursday, 15 March 2012

Pot Holes

Do you know what annoys the shit out of me about this:

All the pot-holes I've seen on the road are caused by their being seams in the surface dug by utility companies or other road-maintenance tasks... So we're talking about the likes of Severn Trent, Virgin Media, The National Grid, British Gas.. Infact, pick any utility company you want, just close your eyes and point into the yellow pages and voila there's one of the bastards.

So, whilst we the tax payers are lumbered paying our road tax, its not going to fund fixing the roads, its off doing god alone knows what.  Councils are paying for holes which other profiteering bastards created.

I swear its so annoying... Broad Lane in Brinsley was recently resurfaced, and what a joy it is to drive on now, but it was rutted by a great swathe of surface cuttings all the way along to the brow of its hill by some utility company (most likely Severn Trent in that case).

There are other fantastic examples of this problem, I'm sure you've seen dozens of these.

Another great example was the A52, this was resurfaced from the QMC Island all the way down to Priory Island... Within a week of it being finished... the surface was being cut into by a utility company, British Gas in that case... I will bet my bottom dollar that the surface starts to break up not on the original surfacing, but around this bastard work by British Gas.

And I'm tired of it, I think these utility companies should be charged for doing duff-fill-ins... If Roads have to be of a "Standard" as the report suggests, I suggest that cuttings into the surface have to be of that (or a higher) standard!

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