Thursday, 29 March 2012

Earth's Biggest Selection

Have you ever noted at the bottom of the automatic Amazon receipt mails you receive it says "Earth's Biggest Selection"... A slightly geeky and totally pointless comment for them to make... Or is it?

Maybe its a hint that they're about to send a book to Mars?... And you know what... If they were to send a book to Mars, making it "Mars's Biggest Selection", what book would we send?

My vote, if such a decision ever came to the UK Voting Public, would have to go for something really viceral, something saying "Don't fucking come to Earth, they'll eat your fucking babies"... You know a proper "keep off the grass" shot at Mars, just in case someone other than the Human's are up there...

Think of this as Pascal's wager, but for Aliens arriving on Mars, rather than a Deity...

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