Friday, 8 April 2011

Re-constructive Archaeology

Tonight I want to update the firmware and BIOS eeproms in my Dell Power Edge servers... this means I needed to carry out some re-constructive archaeology... You know, the kind of archaeology where people spend vast time and energies in living the lives of people from antiquity to feel and experience the situation?  Its a bit like L.A.R.Ping but for history, rather than games...

So, what did I do, you might ask... Well... I went out... and bought a pack of 3.5" Floppy Disks!!!!

Yes, you can still buy them (if you look hard enough).

The reason for having to buy them is a bit galling, I had to because all the ones I have in a disk tray at home seem to have degraded beyond the point of use... this is worrying as they're in the same box as a whole bunch of Atari ST software, which is on 3.5" DSDD disks... these PC DSHD floppies are a lot younger than the ST ones... which means my ST disks are probably utterly useless... (sob).

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