Monday, 7 March 2011


So, I'm really rather busy, I've been doing lots of programming, my lady is not very well and I'm just taking 15 minutes break with a cup of coffee while working from home... so, think yourselves blessed that I've come to say hello at all.

I'm happy to announce a new upgrade for my computer is in the post to me, I've bought a bunch of "silent" case fans... for anyone wanting to make their PC quieter I recommend looking into quieter ones... I've had to go with 120mm ones (not larger quieter ones) as my case will only take 3 or 4 120 mm fans... but I've gone with three which are marketed as only producing 14dB of audible noise at 1000 rpm.

People wonder whether fans shift enough air through their box, but at the end of the day, unless you clad your PC in polythene you're going to hear everything its up to... so, lets see where these puppies take me.

I've also started a fund, for myself, to purchase Visual Studio 2010... I'm using the express edition at home, and I'm using the professional version at work, and I love it... it's got LOTS of bugs - for example every now and then a project [unchanged] will cease to compile or link... this cures itself if you stop pressing anything on the computer let it have a rest and then rebuild/rebuild all... Which is just so fucking annoying.

Oh, I did last week have 3 days off work, but I spent nearly the whole time looking after my lady... but on the wednesday I did install and play through 45%-ish of the Crysis single player game again... I like it... I decided to play it on Delta difficulty (the top) and to challenge myself to go start over again if I died, only basically going from cut scene to cut scene...

I soon found however that the game has some bugs... not least of which is on this graphics card it refused to go into wide screen mode... it used to on my dual 8800 GTX SLi Core 2 Quad machine... but on this Core i7 950 dual 480 GT SLi system it just sits there saying "No".

I'll get back to you all soon with more information about the fans and their sound result...

For now though, enjoy:

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