Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Update on Nothing...

Well, what have I been up to?

In short, not a lot, I have been rather busy with work which is very stressful, I've finally been kicked out of my LOTRO trial.

I can't be too unkind about that game, I'd love to have such a game as my hobby, but it's simply not good enough in my opinion to survive in the current market.  It looks dated, it's not gripping, the effects and models are clunky and the interface is not straight forward enough, even for me an experienced computer user, I found I was always having to look at things thrice.  So, trial over, my frank review has already been posted.  My quick caption... "Don't bother".

I have also played a little more CIV5, I've been enjoying it in both DirectX10/11 and DirectX9 mode... on the same hardware, under DirectX 9, you really can see the difference in the quality of this title.  More on that in a later post.

I'm also revisiting all the games on my Steam list, this started with one of my favourite games of all time, Day of Defeat.  The original and best IMO.  I was a demon on this game, was in a clan ranked in the top 9 in the UK while playing it.  Good times.

Another title from my Steam list is Operation Flash Point : Dragon Rising.  (tumble weed goes past)

And that's it, that has been the sum total of my gaming this week, I'll be off now to put my nose back to the office grind stone.

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