Monday, 6 September 2010

An hour to myself...

Well actually one hour 28 minutes and 47 seconds... to myself... so what did I do with this time? Did I expand my mind by putting on some classical music and reading one of the many tomes I have lying around? No.

Did I spend this time profitably catching up with friends and family? No.

Did I even get around to listening to the latest episode of Shut Up We're Talking? No (and I will have to, as I'm on the show next weekend... eeek).

So what did I do?

Well, I went hunting. Darren over at common sense gamer put me onto this game last year, and I had played a little and liked it, I even subscribed for three months, but at that time I had a hell-a-lot of things to get on with, and so my then warden pass went by without my getting much use out of it. And oh boy do I regret that.

Since Friday I have been dabbling in the game, I set all the settings to max it out, even overriding some in the nVidia setting themselves to puch it just that little bit higher, and this game is stunning, so now I have it so realistic even my misses comes and lays on the bed next to my computers just to watch the trees go past....

But, I also seem to have hit my stride. I don't know if the free game is just trying to make me subscribe (as I don't remember there being this many animals to find before) but I'm really enjoying my game play.

I have today however, in the gap of time, just had my best hunt to day, five different kills, including two of them being the largest bucks (my second and first largest in ascending order) I've ever shot.

One of them was winged from a good 500ft away (by my low power free player.243 bolt action rifle) and it ran off, and I had to spend time tracking it back down... was great fun!

The game itself has been called boring, slow even dull. But if you get it, if you actually get it, then it most certainly is not boring, the thrill of the chase, the ambush, the atmosphere its all there.

The only down side id that I can't have TV, Music or iPlayer on, in this game you have to be there, to listen to use your senses.

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