Sunday, 1 August 2010

Convert your Girl to Linux Now

It's been a long while coming, but over the last couple of days I've been reworking all my PC's, network and file serving. Basically I'm half way through and bored. But I'm watching lots of old machinema from the late 1990's, from a time that machinema was basically a couple of blokes running past Barney in the original Half-Life and making a witty comment... God it was crap, but why can't I stop watching???

Anyway, yes I'm going through my bits and bobs, and sorting out my machines. I'm down to four PC's and two Laptops... Signs are bad for my addiction.

One good thing I have done today though is get around to sorting out my lass's laptop, she's been struggling with an old single core celeron, with 512mb and the worlds most scrambled installation of Windows XP Home. This poor bastard would simply not start up quickly, it couldn't get itself onto the wireless network properly and it'd sit whimpering for a good 17 minutes in the limbo land between start up and explorer actually opening.

The machine itself, hardware-wise, is sound; it has just been hit with the Redmond stick, like someone had carried this poor bastard thing to the very top branch of the Windows Registry Tree of shame and thrown down through the clawing branches.

So, I've spent a vast chunk of my life (at least on a weekend time scale) in creating a live Virtual Machine of the laptop as it was; and then I've put Linux on it... And you know what.

It's bliss.

Not only does it start in about 68 seconds, but it connects to the network... its a revelation... And, I'm not getting bugged every 15 minutes to go get it to reopen facebook as it's flunked out on her... She loves it...

So, invest in the lighter side of home IT support duties... give your misses Linux.

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