Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Where Has All The Comedy Gone?

When I started this blog, at the behest of Darren over at CommonSenseGamer, I was aiming to keep up the banter of comedic commentary I had been giving him in his in-box. I have come to the conclusion that being funny *haha* rather than funny *keep the kids away from him* is harder than I thought.

But fear not, I am trying to be funny in other places. This week I have submitted a review of two films to a rather good film blog The Wenton Project. So, nip over there and have a read...

As for games, I'm still playing Eve, though not so much this week as it's release day at work and it is stressing me out.

Today though has been a very busy day, it has been my wife to be's Birthday, my Brothers Birthday and he has informed me I'm going to be an Uncle come the new year... so busy busy busy.

Oh and in Eve news, I got my main podded... bless him, only my second podding since 2005, so not doing too badly, and he was in a jump clone empty of implants, so no big deal... The guy who blew me up must have been wondering what the heck fitting I had, as I was in a Helios (Covert Ops) Frigate, with NOTHING on it :)... just the cover ops cloak... But all good fun. More about that operation in 0.0 in a blog at the weekend.

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  1. yes I took your advice and popped over to the Wenton Project and it was rather good. Excellent recommendation and keep up the good work :D