Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Virtual Machine Mash Up

So, today I've only had time to switch a few skills around in Eve, but at work today I was enjoying playing about with the latest edition of VmWare's VmPlayer product... this lets you create and run Virtual Machines on your desktop, and it's FREE... I like free.

Anyway, it has been a long time since I've had such an easy time playing about with Virtual Machines, for instance on my spare Linux based PC at work I have set up an image of my old PentiumIII Windows XP box. I always need this old machine, it's been hanging around gathering dust under my desk for about five years.

Finally, I can run a copy seamlessly on my faster newer Linux Box and be reassured that I have that machine as is, great geeky fun.

You have to sign up for a whole bunch of e-mail stuff from VmWare to download the player, but its great fun, so if you've ever pondered about how to virtualize a machine go give it a go.

I have also been watching an old Eve themed bit of Machinema, I watched these so many many moons ago, but I still like to watch this now-and-again. Even if they do fly Minmatar.

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