Friday, 23 July 2010

Good Grief

Well men, it has been a long war, a hard war, but now it is over... Yes, Huzzar, our software shipped, well I hope it did; a few niggles with how things are done, and I've spent most all of the week running around after bugs in other peoples parts of the system, but it has gone out the door.

It has been one of those joyously annoying times where not only is the software going out the door, but so was my boss, he buggered off to Turkey on Holiday last Saturday, and I've been the one juggling everything since.

Hey Ho, in my extremely addled state I have been pretty gaming brain dead, I have however still been playing Eve. I've worked up one of my alts to 8.02 rep with his national navy, so I'm now able to install empire jump clones for him, and I'm just setting him up with a few clones around the edges, so I can shuffle some of my ships around.

I had a nice chat with a GM over at CPP too, pointing out a problem with the game, an annoying graphics bug.

I was not able to get this to happen on my old nVidia 6600, nor on my 8800. It was only happening on my new 2602 GTX. Here's a screenie:

These strange white blobs appearing on static objects, it was also sometimes transient upon flying into objects. They'd look like this, all white and blurry, and then zing they'd be fully textured.

The GM was very nice and told me to upgrade my graphics drivers...

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