Saturday, 12 June 2010

F....F.....Fighter Bombers.....Drooollll

It's been a long time in Eve since I've seen a new Drone skill to pick up, my main is Gallente, and if you know anything about that, it means I know a lot about using combat and utility drones.... the kill in question is "Fighter Bombers".... yes, sounds cool....

They appear to be a set of drones, clearly for carrier pilots, and these drones fire missiles.

I don't know what they entered the game, I don't know how they've been received, I'm going to go read up about them now.

But this innovation on CCP's start tells me something very interesting, the reason (from way back in the mists of time) as to why drones don't fire missiles was that they would exponentially increase the number of objects being tracked and kill the cluster they were used in. So, seeing these drones available, and clearly not so new... that must mean there's been real differences made to the Server Cluster... not before time :)

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