Sunday, 11 April 2010

Dungeon & Dragons Online Account Issues

With the advent of Dungeons and Dragons Online going free to play I filed it on my "to try list". And having recently finished playing a thorough pass through other free to play offerings I thought now was the time to give DDO a whirl.

My first surprise was that I was unable to add DDO to my Turbine trial account easily, in fact I had to create a whole other account to get the game downloader to acknowledge me. This was rather annoying, and of course adds yet another username and password to the defunct list.

My next problem arose from the options for downloading DDO, there are three set up options... DDOStandard graphics, DDOHigh graphics and then mysteriously another installer called DDOSetup. The latter of which was the first one I tried. It ended up just closing off in the end with no real explanation of the 139 something megs of information it had downloaded.

Anyway, right now I'm downloading the standard graphics DDO onto this machine (my laptop) and I have a slot to get the high graphics version downloading onto my main gaming machine later tomorrow.

Initial items I'm going to look at are graphics quality, though I've not very high expectations having thoroughly hated the look & feel of LOTRO. And also the combat system as Turbine boast DDO has "the best combat system of any MMO"....

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